” Since food is a commodity and we treat it that way at the wholesale level, and since free market economics are all about ‘Supply and Demand’ shouldn’t we take that whole concept and philosophy down to the street level? Well, we kind of do that now right? I mean when supplies are abundant and a particular fruit or vegetable is in season, the prices become stunningly low, and then at the end of the season it rises up again.

Why? Supply and Demand, and somewhere there is a climate where such fruit or vegetables can grow in the off-season, South America and Australia for instance – opposite seasons right? Yes, but figure the cost to transport and hazards of perishables being shipped across the planet and every crop competes for field space, water, and farmers plant what’s most profitable or what they think will be at the end of its growing season. ”

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Source : CNN iREPORT – 2015 August.