Performance measure


Price Reports

  • Comprehensive surveys and closed lists
  • MDD/PPX/MN Linking
  • Weekly Special Display Surveys
  • All channel surveys
  • POS advertisement installation Audit
  • Quality execution high points


  • POS communication
  • Mystery Shoppers
  • Concepts

Product assortment and stock shortage

  • Product range surveys
  • Real and theoretical comparisons
  • Disrupted packs follow-up
  • Segmentation
  • Needs and causal units
  • Stock shortage tracking


  • New products
  • Substitutions
  • Concept Deployment

Price Reports

In a highly competitive context, price policy management is the main image issue for all mass-marketing actors.

20 years on, Opti-Mix has become the price report specialist of all markets and French distribution channels.

Exhaustive Price Reports

On all promotion or off promotion products.

Targeted Price Reports

On one or several channels.

Price Reports by Need Units

Distinguished feature surveys (Source, Variety etc.), detailed price factors.


Supermarkets visited each month.

Stores visited each quarter.

Hypermarkets visited each week.

Local stores visited each quarter.

Whether you are an SME retailing a small number of brands or a multinational firm covering several markets, we offer a precise vision of your measurement indicators on your sites, at reduced rates and on all mass-market distribution channels.

Procuct assortment and stock shortage

Product range structure/price Analysis.

Stock shortage Analysis.

Brand X

  • 200€ et plus 4%
  • 150€ à 199€ 9%
  • 100€ à 150€ 26%
  • 35€ à 99€ 61%

Brand Y

  • 200€ et plus 39%
  • 150€ à 199€ 21%
  • 100€ à 150€ 32%
  • 35€ à 99€ 7%

As part of a joined Industrial & Distributor reflection, we offer a precise vision of on-shelf and storehouse shortages so as to pinpoint their cause : reserve stock, warehouse shortage, manufacture shortage, ordered products.



What was the brand’s product display surface ?


Where was it located ?


What was the presence rate ?


Were the POS’s investments exploited ?


Were the promotion prices properly advertised ?


What is your transformation rate ??


What are the corrective actions required in store ?

All trades are paced by major high points, specific to each market.

On many markets, proper implementation during these periods is often the key issue to annual success.

It is important to draw all lessons from the preceding operation so as to better prepare the next one and optimize performances.


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